About AWJ

Company Name

AWJ Co., Ltd.

Representative Director, President, CEO

Akira Yoshioka

Head Office

1187-1, Kamekubo, Fujimino, Saitama, 356-0051, Japan
TEL. +81-49-256-5155       FAX. +81-49-256-6101

Initial Capital

JPY 10,000,000


November 1, 2005

No. of Employees

29(As of April, 2024)

Selling Place

Sales agent, Dealer




Director Shoichi Nakao

Auditor      Hitoshi Okawa


Musashino Bank

Massage from the President and CEO

Greetings from Akira Yoshioka, the president CEO of AWJ CO., Ltd. and Shoichi Nakao, the president of AWJ Mold Co., Ltd.


1992, Established Access Co., Ltd. which is currently AWJ HD Co., Ltd.

1998, Took office as President and CEO of AWJ HD Co., Ltd

2003, Acquired Taihei Kogyo CO., Ltd by M&A and took office as President of Taihei Kogyo Co., Ltd.

2005,Took office as President and CEO of AWJ Co., Ltd.

2006, Took office as President of AWJ Mold Co., Ltd. 

Looking back on 17 years, histor of AWJ

We started as the sole agent of ANNWAY, Taiwan.

After selling our original products which are PVC caps with internal threads, we developed and have been selling the products made from elastomer resin. Today, we grow to the top share of the domestic market as a cap manufacturer.

Until now, we have committed to products with added value that do not exist in the world as our motto, “Pursuit of VISION no one thought of.”

We will continue customers first and grow as a company which creates new value ahead.


1997, Entered Access Co., Ltd as a part time job staff when student.

1999, Entered Access Co., Ltd as full-time job staff after graduation

2003, Acquired Taihei Kogyo CO., Ltd by M&A and took office as President of Taihei Kogyo Co., Ltd.M&A and learned metalworking along with the introduction of machine tools

2019, Took office as Director of AWJ Co., Ltd.

2019, Took office as President of AWJ Mold Co., Ltd.

History of carrier

I joined AWJ as a part-time staff at the age of 17, 26 years ago.

The introduction of machine tools led me to be in charge of metal processing. We started designing and manufacturing our own dies from design in order to produce our own original products, which we had previously outsourced.

Looking back on those days, I had a hard time but I learned from our President Yoshioka the importance of always taking on challenges and the joy of work.

I am pleasant when the products I designed and manufactured go out into the world and make our customers satisfied. It would be my pleasure if the next generation could inherit the skills I have cultivated and grow with AWJ.

Goal for the future

We would like to further promote the AWJ brand to the world.

We have joined various exhibitions and received a lot of positive feedback.

We will continue to innovate and take on new challenges with the aim of expanding globally by 2025.


Nov. 2005

Established ANNWAY Japan Co., Ltd. in Ginza 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo as the sole agen of ANNWAY Taiwan.

Sep, 2006

Started import agent of LEAVE Taiwan.

Sep, 2007

Moved to Saitama due to business consolidation.

Apr, 2010

Started selling original PVC cap.

Sep, 2018

Started selling Flat U-Bolt.

Dec, 2019

Started selling Flat Pipe Hunger.

Sep, 2020

Started developing  HONEYCOMB serie.

Apr, 2021

Company name was changed to AWJ Co.,Ltd. from Annway Japan.

1187-1, Kamekubo, Fujimino, Saitama,356-0051, Japan
TEL. +81-49-256-5155